Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Our total commitment to HSEQ

Good Health and Safety, Environment , Quality practices are essential foundation stones to performance of our business activities for our clients. To demonstrate our commitment and ensure ongoing continuous improvement in all aspects of HSEQ, BINYAH have implemented an Integrated Management System certified to:

We are persistent in providing a healthy work environment. By adopting our HSE procedures, BINYAH team is well educated and prepared to maintain the company's values successively and successfully. (BINYAH Health & Safety Policy)

We enhance the quality of life and the whole community by caring for the environment and respecting its local culture, in addition to the design and implementation of the latest renewable and sustainable systems. (BINYAH Environmental Policy)

Our clients deserve to get perfectly executed work, if possible, it should be even better than expected.

"Quality": Our watchword

We execute each task in the construction process with an eye to quality. (BINYAH Quality Policy)

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